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Shenyang Shuangdexin idle woodworking machinery

Our office is the largest second-hand woodworking machinery in Northeast China. Address: No. 130, Ertaizi Street, Dadong District, Shenyang. By car: there are 259, 219, 179*151*, etc. Opposite the North Station, take No. 163 and get off at Daertaizi Station, pass the traffic post in front and walk 80 meters on the left, at the intersection of the new third phase of Guanquanyuan, 20 meters on the right, there is a road sign No. 2 Boiler Factory, turn right and walk 200 meters on the asphalt road (, the second In the boiler factory)

Our office is the general distributor of second-hand idle woodworking machinery in Northeast China! The equipment is widely used in furniture, sculpture, and other industries. Perennial distribution of the United States, Germany, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, and other world-leading second-hand idle woodworking machinery! Professional equipment! Second-hand discounted prices! 

Save money depends on the Northeast's largest second-hand woodworking machinery network. Shenyang Shuangdexin idle woodworking machinery sales everywhere

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